I think H.B. would like me.


We would go out for brunch. He’d pay.

He’d be a gentleman.

He’d compliment my English.

I’d smile.

He’d point out my accent.

I’d laugh.

He’d say my generation is full of hate.

I’d nod.

I’d say Iago is gay.

I’d say Iago is Jewish.

He’d laugh.

He’d ask how long I have been here.

He’d say I don’t understand, English language is complicated,

there’s so much yet for me to learn.

I’d cry.

He’d feel bad.

I’d say I’m better than Shakespear.

He’d say I misspelled his name.

I’d say I’m bad at spelling.

He’d think it’s quite endearing.

He’d think my tears are refreshingly beautiful.


I’d like to think H.B. would like me.

He’d pay.