Yaoi stands for

Climaxlessness (ヤマなし, yamanashi),

Boundlessness (オチなし ochinashi),

and Meaniglessness (意味なし, iminashi).




Yaoi is a cerebral, verbal, visual and literary narrative shared by Fujoshis.

Fujoshi means “rotten woman”, as believers of Yaoi proudly call themselves.
Fujoshis are made of Colonial Girls, a group of people with experience of being culturally and/or historically colonized. Colonial Girls can be anyone whose body and voice have been feminized, infantilized, and silenced. Colonial Girls exist beyond the Western definitions of gender and sexuality.


Yaoi begins from coupling of two or more cis-gender heterosexual male bodies.
Coupling is a collective belief among Fujoshis that a couple of male fictional characters are fucking each other.

A Fujoshi redefines the male bodies as she pleases. In the ocean of immeasurable possibilities, these men abandon their original identities, and become housewives, whores, dominatrixes, mothers, etc. Fujoshis find their own voice through the cracks of patriarchal, capitalist narratives such as super hero movies and Shonen comics.

Female, homosexual, and genderqueer bodies do not exist in Yaoi. Only the heteronormal male body is subjugated, dissected, and reincarnated by Fujoshis. Thus Yaoi is free from Western gender discourse. Yaoi is free from Western feminism. Yaoi is free from White Daddies and White Mamas.


Rape and other forms of gender violence are common in Yaoi narratives. Fujoshis take absolute control over the dynamics between the oppressor and the oppressed. Fujoshis command their narratives while their own bodies remain unstained. Yaoi breaks free from Male Gaze by eliminating female body.

Fujoshis find their sanctuary in alternative, subterranean places such as the internet. They reinvent themselves infinitely as they reinvent male heteronormal bodies. With granted anonymity Fujoshis establish their own colonies that are both cyber and cerebral.

In Yaoi the Colonized plunders the Colonizer, and appropriates, rapes, exotifies, objectifies, and capitalizes his body. Yaoi is a way of reclaiming Colonial Girls’ power.


Yaoi is a religion. Yaoi is transgression. Yaoi is a community. Yaoi is literature. Yaoi is art. Yaoi is porn. Yaoi is a shelter. Yaoi is multiple orgasm.

Yaoi is climaxless. Men love climaxes. They shall never plunder our treasure.
Yaoi is boundless. Men love boundaries. They shall never reach our Holy Land.
Yaoi is meaningless. Men love meanings. They shall never even take a look.

After all, it is believed that the term Yaoi was invented by men, to sneer at the “rotten women” who couldn’t write constructive stories.




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